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Ax 2012 R3 demo data & Test data Transfer Tool download

The contoso demo data for Dynamics Ax 2012 R3 is different from previous version.we used .dat file to load demo data in previous versions. Demo data is available in .exe file.
i.e DynamicsAX2012R3DemoData.exe available in partner Resource.

 Download Ax 2012 R3 demo data

To import this demo data we need  Test Data transfer Tool is available on partner resource.
Go on following link

To import demo data we need to do the following steps.

Step 1:
  • Extract the demo data files from DynamicsAX2012R3DemoData.exe to a specific location.
  • The output folder will contain the files of following extension types:
  1. .OUT—– data file that contains metadata for AX transactional database
  2. .OutModel —- data file that contain metadata for AX model database
  3. .XML —- data file that contains AX table data.
Step 2:
 Run the Test Data Transfer Tool.Exe file to install the utility.
  • After successful installation, the folder will look like as shown below:
Step 3 :
  • Open AX client and import the .XPO named (MetaDataXMLGenerator.Xpo)
  • On successful import a job will be created as shown below:
Step 4:
  • Run the job <MetadataXMLGenerator(usr)>, a  meta data file will be generated and the path will be displayed in the infolog as shown in the snapshot below:
Step 5:
Copy the metadata file from the above path and paste it in [lists] folder (where Test Data Transfer Tool has been extracted). If the file already exists, then overwrite the file.

Step 6 :
Stop MS Dynamics AX service.

Step 7 :
Open command prompt using administrator and navigate to the path where the Test Data Transfer Tool is extracted).

Step 8:
  • Run the following command:
Dp.exe Import “C:\R3DemoData\DynamicsAXR3DemoData” DynamicsAXR3
C:\R3DemoData\DynamicsAXR3DemoData—— update the path (Demo Data extraced path)
DynamicsAXR3—— provide the actual database name.(Ax DB Name)
In case of 3 tier environment, you will get the following screen.

[Server] always looking for current machine.if DB in another server follow step 9. 
Step 9 : you need to install Test data transfer tool on SQL server and run DP command on same server. 
in case of standalone you will get the following screen.
If we enter ‘Y’, then following screen will open up describing the count for importing the table data and Error (if they come up)
  • The process may prolong depending upon machine configuration.
  • On successful import, Open AX client and data will show up.

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