Wednesday, February 22, 2012

AOS Name in the Status bar

    After moving my application from one server to another server i found that my AOS name is not appearing in the status bar.

for that i checked  the option of Show AOS Name in the following the
AX menu button – Tools – Options--Status bar ,here is the option is already checked but still it is not coming to my status bar of my application..

But after that i got the solution when am installing the client i  did not specify the Instance Name in my  client configuration. i enter the instance name in  the client configuration.Now the Aos Name is Shoing in the Status Bar .How ever it is not my Real Aos Name ,it is just  shows the value i was  specified in the instance name field in my configuration.

but it  is for my system .if we want the same feature in the group of users ,i tried for the server system client configuration-->if u enter  instance name   here it will ask for restart the server.if u restart the server it will effect to all the users in that server.

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